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The Wall of Fame

(Prior to 2003)

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Florida FriendsDenisEricEric, Stephen & BrennanJohnJohnJohnKate & LaurenBrandy LakeJohnJohnJohnJordan & NicoleLee & JohnMark & friendMattBrandy LakeBrandy LakeMichaelBrendaGreg, Jim & JohnFishingScottpic57pic2Brennan, Stephen & EricBrennan, Stephen & EricJason & ConnorJason & ConnorBrettJason & ConnorTrevor, Kevin & Boomerpic52pic53Boomer, Trevor & FriendBrennan, Stephen & EricScottScottpic54ScottScott and friendBrennanpic4Detroit FriendsFranklinScottpic9AndrewRock Bass TournamentBradJohn & BoomerTrevor, Kevin & BoomerScottBrennanBrennan, Stephen & EricBrennanpic5pic6Matt and FriendsJordanNicole, Jordan & JohnEric, Stephen & BrennanBrandy LakeZack and KennyDavidMikeNathanJordancatchDonphoto1photo2photo3ShawnWarrenpic11pic12pic13ZackZackJackTrevor and GrahamJordanNice catchLarry, Greg, Joe and JohnJordanpic15pic16pic17Trevor, Kevin and friendJordanZack and Jordanpic7RayRayRayRay and MikeMikeRonFishingpic18Fish02ThereseRoyJohnJohnJohnpic20Mikepic22ScottScottScottScottScottpic23pic31pic32pic33pic34pic36pic37pic38pic39pic40pic41pic42pic43pic44pic45pic46pic47pic48pic49Ryanpic50pic51RobTomTomTom and Robpic55

Fish01JeffToddpic27pic28pic29pic30pic35Jess & MikeDanielChristian & Adampic60

SarahBig FishScottpic1Brodipic8KatieKatieLarry & KellyNickNickJoshCory and NathanSherryJohnSpencerSpencerpic3pic21TimCoryAndrewScottRaleighpic19Mikepic24Garrettpic25pic26RobRobRob and Tompic52Scottpic56pic58Kolepic59


It's not necessarily the largest fish that holds the fondest memories for these anglers.  For many of them, these are the greatest memories of their summer.  Congratulations to all of them!!! Send us your favorite fish pictures and we'll put you up on the wall of fame!!! And if you have a good fish story, send us that too!!!

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Last updated:    June 17-2003